What Is BookinDirect?


"BookinDirect" is the word all guests should know when they want the best price available price when searching for accommodation

The BookinDirect model is a collection of proven and effective marketing tools.

  • It is a way of thinking, it is a culture of customer service and a way to increase profits.
  • It is what you say to your guests at your front desk, on the phone or via Internet contact and all forms of your marketing.

Bookindirect is also a collaborative website with links direct to your property.


The BookinDirect Website

We have kept the site simple. clear and very easy to navigate.

Visitors use our "ANY TOWN ANYWHERE" search engine to find the properties that they can book direct.

The search results are not overpowered by outside supplementary advertising and visitors can get straight down to the business of evaluating the accommodation choices and then bookindirect.


How to make BookinDirect work for you

The best way to increase profits from online bookings is to get guests to book direct and not use agent web sites. Many customers are not aware there are significant commissions going overseas.

Therefore, BookinDirect should be top of mind and part of your staffs’ sales spiels all of the time.

To help to convince guests that BookinDirect is their best option in our business we have adopted the catch phrase “Best Rate Direct” and we suggest this should become part of your tariff promotion.

Many properties are now offering a Best Rate Guarantee on their web site and this is exactly what we are promoting with our BookinDirect sales tools.

The web site can't do it all so we ask our participating properties to help educate their guests to

                             "BookinDirect for a Best Rate Direct"

The best part about our model is that your “Best Rate Direct” does not have to be a discounted rate.  

It only has to be the best rate available to any customer at the time.  

The Bookindirect name and your property would loose credibility if a customer were to find a cheaper rate somewhere else especially on one of the powerful International Travel Agent sites. 

There is no value to you if you sell a room cheaper via an online agent site, then have to pay commission.

Price Parity is bulling tactic by the multi-national agencies and this should be ignored. You control the inventory and you should be adding their costs on to the rooms you give them to sell.

     Its simple, sell more rooms direct and your bottom line improves with every booking.

Joining the BookinDirect Network

It costs NOTHING to join our BookinDirect Network of properties. 

You can support the BookinDirect concept and your business by simply adopting a “Best Rate Direct’ marketing strategy and genuinely making direct bookings valuable to your guests.

You can list your property for FREE any time on Bookindirect.com and declare you offer guests a “Best Rate Direct”.

We highly recommend that you considered supporting the drive for more Direct Bookings by investing a modest fee to have direct links  to your own booking page on your web site.

To do this you will need a Premium listing on Bookindirect.com This is an optional choice for small  annual fee.

Why you should a be part of BookinDirect

We hear what many property owners are saying about commission creep resulting in reduced margins. We believe the sustainability in small to medium properties is being eroded. How will you protect your investment if you can’t generate enough revenue to plan for necessary refurbishments?

If we can

  • Quickly grow a selection of properties in most locations on BookinDirect.com
  • Encourage owners, managers and staff to join together and use sensible across the counter marketing strategies to promote Direct Bookings

we could put a huge dent in the Online Travel Agents monopoly.

The BookinDirect site gives you the catchy name and a working website to help achieve these goals.

We need lots of properties onboard because without numbers and multiple choices everywhere the site will have no value when a customer searches for good value accommodation.

Travelers are always looking for “deals”.  

Join our network community and get them to BookinDirect and everyone gets a better deal.

                             Start by Registering Now

If you are not convinced it will work then type this into Google:

                                                   Bookindirect mooloolaba

If customers knew this word "BookinDirect" would take them straight to the best rates online then we will all benefit.

I am Terry Clark author of the above and owner of Country Apartments in Dubbo. Bookindirect is my company and I am happy to develop it as a co-operative marketing business focusing in on winning back direct bookings.

Call me on 0407 444 690  or email  terry@bookindirect.com