How to book for the Best Price


Have you Booked your Accommodation to obtain the Best Rate Available?

Here are some tips for next time because we want you to you get the best price

Don’t believe the swish TV ads from international brand names that are all linked together and push you toward commission based online booking systems.

It is very hard to pick where the best rates are being offered but there is a way that works.

Use any site on the internet to LOOK. When you see a property that you like then follow these steps to locate their own unique website to check if there is a better deal DIRECT.

  • Copy and paste the properties name in to your preferred browser
  • Locate the unique web address of that property and click
  • Use their online booking software to compare the price or phone the property and ask for a Best Rate Direct

Be careful because the international directories use “domain name highjacking” strategies to make it appear you are on a properties own site.

When you link to a properties own site you will see they also have very sophisticated booking systems and if they are switched on they should be offering a BEST RATE for booking DIRECT. Some will have a “Promotional Code” that will lower the price further.

Booking via a properties own site should be better value because the property doesn’t have to pay commission of between 10 and 25% depending on the site you use. All this commission goes overseas and is doing nothing the help Australian accommodation businesses.

Take for example a property in the Central West of NSW that prices to cover commissions and reward Direct Bookings.

Properties price for 2 persons $210.00

  • Book Direct online and use their Promotional Code and pay $195.00

   Note the property pays no commission so their return is $195.00

  • Book via and International Online Travel Agent and pay $229.00

     Property sends 15% commission overseas and receives $194.65

From these figures you will see it is a “WIN WIN for the property whichever way you book.

It is a WIN for the Online Agent because they bank $34.35 commission.

The only LOSER is the guest who misses a Book Direct Best Rate.

Use the catch phrase when researching accommodation - “Online Travel Agents are good for LOOKING but not for BOOKING”

Search for a properties BEST RATE DIRECT before you BOOK and save your dollars.