Photographic tips and tricks

Our experience shows that a quality selection of photos enhances a properties appeal.

Guests want to see exactly what they will experience.

  • Select your photos carefully.
  • Clear crisp high resolution photos are essential.
  • You can always reduce high resolution down but you can’t increase the size of low resolution photos.
  • Our site will except photos up to 3 meg.
  • We recommend you adjust dimensions to 800 x 600 pixels before uploading.
  • Keep all pictures to consistent dimensions.
  • Panoramic photos will not reproduce to your best advantage. Crop to 800 x 600 pixels or choose another photo.
  • Photos are easily deleted so you can upload - save - then view
    If not suitable simply delete and try another.
  • You can drag and drop to re-arrange the order your photos are presented.
  • The top photo will be your feature photo.

If you have any problems with your photo up-loads contact us for help.